Day 2 Lake Morena to Long Canyon Ford

Miles hiked – 17 miles
Animal encounters – ants, chipmunk, lizards, honeybees, woodpeckers & owls.

We left Lake Morena, before the hordes of hikers arrived, covered in shrouds of cloud. Our heading was a climb north through valleys of desert scrub with wind turbines canvassing the ridges to the east. We met two hikers, Half slow and bam bam, at a water stop who were headed south towards kick-off. By noon the cloud had burnt off and it was to turn into much hotter hike. Lunch was on a small spot of shade with Nathan dozing off. We decided to hike 17 miles, so our campsite was located in a valley next to a small stream. There was an assortment of creatures in attendance; a honeybee hive, owl and woodpeckers in the tree above, along with ants that have taken a liking to Nathan.

There were requests for photos of how our bodies hold up, so below is the sand accumulation after 17 miles hiked and the first formed blister.







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