Day 3 Long Canyon Ford to Bahr Shrine

Day three of our expedition started with a slow wake up, enjoying the comfort of our sleeping bags. Due to our position at the bottom of a valley and the sloping nature of our camp site, a very cold night had resulted. Thus no one was in any great rush to take off. The morning wake up miles involved a steady climb up out of the valley, meeting several south bound hikers along the way. The twoish miles to Mt Laguna, where we had sent some food, involved a very pleasant meandering walk through sporadic pine forest. In no rush due to the post office opening at 12, we enjoyed the experience of being out of the hot sun. Just before we got to town we were caught by Noah, a thru-hiker like us who we had seen off and on since the start. It turns out he is an archaeologist as well, making the current number of archaeologists in a five mile radius at least three. Town was a convenience store and a gear resupply store. One new hat for Becky and one small thermometer for me was the extent of our purchases. Nathan on the other hand has now spent a sum total of at least 70 dollars trying to find replacement insoles for his shoes, with still no satisfactory result. Leaving Mt Laguna around 1 pm with snacks of Gatorade and ice cream, as well as four more days food, we headed for a camp area 5 miles north. A moderate climb gave way to amazing views to the east, with a temperature reading in the sun at 3 pm up above 30 degrees Celsius. A quick descent saw us at our camp site next to a lodge, where the manager was very generous and let us pitch our tent. Facilities included running water, chairs and hot showers. Such supreme luxuries for us. Noah showed up a little later having hung out in town, as well as one other hiker named Whitney Houston, a guy who not only was fluent in Kiwi, but had actually lived in New Zealand for a while. Resting up after an easy ten mile day we are clean and tidy, which won’t last for long.

Miles hiked – 10






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2 Responses to Day 3 Long Canyon Ford to Bahr Shrine

  1. Anonymous says:

    Country looks amazing 🙂 loving the updates ❤ to bec 🙂

  2. Love the hat Becky! What beautiful photos! amazing scenery. Sorry about your feet you guys. Hope they start feeling better soon. Keep it up. I love your blog! XXXOOOXXX

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