Day 7 Barrel Springs to Agua Caliente

After the long day yesterday we decided on a easy day today. With a more relaxed start after purifying the necessary water, we sauntered on towards hot showers and burgers. A long gentle hike led 8 miles later to our campsite for the day next to a small stream in the middle of a ranch. Setting up our tents we hiked out to the town of Warner Springs, a mile up the path. Before reaching the post office we ruminated on the poor timing of the hot spring resort closing last year. At the post office the women behind the counter couldn’t understand Nathan or Rebecca’s names, leading to Nathan being worried his package of food hadn’t arrived and Becky almost being given someone else’s package. Hiking back down the trail we quickly headed to the community centre, which gave us hot showers, soap, burgers, laundry and food for the trail. Lots of happy hikers joined us at the centre. After eating, drinking, donning clean clothes, and lying on the grass, we decided to hike another five miles in the cool of the afternoon. This required Nathan and I to walk back to where we had set up our tents earlier, disassemble them, and then walk back. The first few miles out of town heading north (always north) were across a flat valley floor, before we began to climb into the hills again. We have also moved into an area where we get to enjoy the pleasure of ticks, as well as numerous ground squirrels. Reaching our camp spot, nestled by a babbling stream, several other hikers had had the same idea, making it a busy little community. Dinner was rice themed, with an entree of string cheese, which I had never tried before. More of it will be bought in the future. Just before Becky headed to bed she saw bats fly over us, possibly feeding at dusk.

Miles hiked – 15
Food cravings increasing – notably pizza and milkshakes






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