Day 8 Agua Caliente to Tule Spring

The food dreams have begun. Last night pizza was on the menu, but cruelly I awoke to my 5:30 alarm before I could eat any. By the time our tent was stowed, multiple people from the night before had already begun the climb for the day. With the trail in a valley, the first half an hour was through a cool mist, with my first notable achievement being soaking my shoe in the only stream crossing in fifty miles. As the sun started to burn through, switchbacks gave rise to stunning views back across the plain that we had crossed, with veils of cloud lying across the landscape. The cool morning climb saw us at our first water stop by 8:30, where we met Robin and Rachel, as well as Ladybug and Bagpipe. After filtering the leaves and flies out of our water, we climbed through desert scrub. Near the summit large boulders predominated, with tempting spots to lie and nap in the sun. Pressing on to collect more water, we reached Mikes, a trail angel stop with water and shade. Nathan also collected a double beef burger, ice cream and soda from a trail angel who lives up at Kennedy Meadows. After swapping stories for a couple of hours we headed back to the trail, which was a long sweeping descent towards our last water source for the day. The trail wound back down the mountain range we had climbed in the morning, with views to the north. A cooler day then the previous two meant we decided to push on with our largest mileage yet. Arriving in camp somewhat exhausted, we finally managed to set up our tents, cook our dinner and sterilize some water. Sleep tonight will be to the sounds of frogs from a nearby stream and birds in the trees overhead.

Miles hiked – 22
Ice creams eaten – 2






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4 Responses to Day 8 Agua Caliente to Tule Spring

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looking good guys. Jealous you guys having so much fun

  2. Anonymous says:

    That was Mo by the way

  3. Morgan Jones says:

    Entered a comment two days ago, but it doesn’t appear to have got through. Am reading each day with interest – and awe. Really excellent writing.

    • nzyank says:

      Glad the writing isn’t too terrible, I’m a little out of it at the end of some days. Hope it makes it easier to follow on the map

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