Day 13 End of Fuller Ridge to Ziggy and the Bear

Today was a windy, wet day. It began with a dark and rainy night, waking up throughout as droplets fell on my face from the constant rain. The morning light brought with it no change in conditions, so we decided to flee down the mountain. This involved packing our bags inside the tent, and then rapidly deconstructing our camp. It took two hours through misty rain and trees creaking in the wind to finally find the sun. Somewhat saturated, the trail was a steady descent down to the valley thousands of feet below. This involved a huge number of switchbacks, and 16 miles of trail. With a mixture of patchy sun, cool temperatures and windy rain we finally made it to the bottom by lunch. We met a number of hikers along the way, including SWC again, as well as Shedder and Kate. On the way down we crossed the 200 mile mark. Spending the time to dry our gear in the intermittent sun, we decided to hike the last 6 miles to a trail angels house. Crossing the valley surrounded by wind turbines, we soon appreciated the windy nature of the area. Soft sand and a strong head wind made for some frustrating hiking, but we reached the house mid-afternoon. What followed next was a run down on the very slick operation. Covered sleeping areas, Epsom salt foot baths, hot water and chairs were all provided. Picking up our new set of maps and our food for the next leg, we settled down and chatted to the numerous other hikers staying the night. Tomorrow sees us climb back into the mountains for another three days.

Miles hiked – 22





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