Day 17 Big Bear City to Cougar Trail

Today was a pleasant day, full of friendly people and easy trails. Making the most of a roof over our heads we decided not to depart until the very late hour of ten o’clock. Morning prep involved eating bagels and donuts, in combination with placing everything back in our packs including several kilograms of food. Upon hoisting our somewhat heavier packs and beginning the walk down the road, within two minutes a small red soft top pulled up. Wondering what was going on a women hopped out and asked if we were PCT thru-hikers. Answering positively she immediately offered us a ride up to where we left the track yesterday. Stunned with her generosity we squeezed into the car, with Sole Catcher and Rattles sharing the backseat with a very happy dog. This trail angel also new about the New Zealand rugby team, although this was somewhat offset when I realized she was a Yankees fan. Upon arriving at the trail we saw Jess and Ladykiller going the other way, with our trail angel once again providing an amazing offer of transport. Hoisting our packs once more we headed up the trail towards our next trail town 104 miles away. The next segment of the trail turned from desert scrub intermixed with small pines into a more forested slope. This also provided a carpet of wildflowers in some areas next to the trail, with shades of blue, yellow and purple. Lightly clambering over sections of rocky scree we climbed to the north of Big Bear Lake, with views of desert to our right. With a very pleasant gradient and a well maintained trail we ambled along, appreciating the plentiful shade. Stopping to purify our water next to a small stream, we then started again only to realize there was a water cache less then two minutes away. Continuing on we hiked until we came to a small saddle just beyond the popular Cougar Trail. Deciding that this was home for the night we set up our tents with the sun streaming through the trees and had a very pleasant evening.

Miles hiked – 14






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4 Responses to Day 17 Big Bear City to Cougar Trail

  1. Love the photos and your writing Ben! Where are the photos of you and Becky? You will have to give the camera to Nath sometimes eh. Keep up the hard slog you guys. You are all wonderful.

  2. Lance Blyde says:

    Hi Nathan,
    I’m your mothers cousin (living in Ak) and yesterday when I was in Matamata, your grandmother told me that you were on the trail. I know two others who have done it and so was keen to see your posts. One was a firefighter I worked with and he did it some 20 years ago and wrote a book on it. The other was our neighbour who did it about 5 years ago.
    I’ve a NZ mate who lives near the trail at Truckee, Lake Tahoe near the Donar Pass who I know will be happy to provide you any assistance you may need when you get there. He is a cool guy who’s into trail running so he is interested in what you are doing and helped our neighbour out when he did the trail. I’m in contact with him regularly so if you see any benefit I will forward his contact details.
    The posts are great, keep up the good work. I will follow with interest and wish you and your mate the best of luck and a safe and successful PC trek.

    Lance blyde

  3. Rita Teele says:

    Hello Boston Ben, Rattles and Sole Catcher…

    Becky’s parcel arrived today along with Ben’s trail name.

    We love getting the daily journal.

    Hope all 6 feet are holding up.

    And where, I might ask, are the photographs of the blue, yellow and purple wildflowers? After all, tomorrow is Mother’s Day!

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