Day 21 Cajon Pass to Gobbler’s Knob

After the draining day yesterday, and with Wrightwood on the horizon, we were of two minds. One was to recuperate and lie in a nice soft bed with AC, the other was to shoulder our packs and put some miles towards our first zero day. Deciding on compromise, we didn’t leave the hotel until ten, whereupon we promptly went to McDonald’s for breakfast. This is now the most McDonald’s I have had in ten years. Rousing our passion to get back out there and away from the growing number of hikers in the restaurant, we hiked back to the trail where an underpass would take us beneath the major interstate nearby. Quickly leaving the traffic and noise behind, we began climbing into the hills that overlook the pass. Coming south bound we briefly met Pathfinder, another PCT celebrity. Seeing an abundance of lizards and gorgeous butterflies, we contoured around to our lunch stop by a water cache. Deciding to wait of the heat of the day, we settled into the generously provided seats, with Sole Catcher catching up on some light reading in the form of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Deciding that the strong wind kept temperatures down, we began the ten mile climb into the hills overlooking this valley. Another point of interest lies in the geological nature of the terrain, with the centre of the valley marking the location of the San Andreas fault line. Steadily climbing we started to have impressive views over the surrounding desert and landscape. Five miles up we took an alternative route to avoid the poodle dog bush, which smothered parts of the trail. Reaching our campsite high above where we started, we cooked dinner and enjoyed a sunset. Tomorrow should see us in Wrightwood and we have now hiked past the halfway point of the desert section.

Miles hiked – 15






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3 Responses to Day 21 Cajon Pass to Gobbler’s Knob

  1. Anon says:

    Hi Nathan, Interesting scenery, interesting people. I’m enjoying following your trek. Gran

  2. Rita Teele says:

    Thanks for the flower fotos and for the telephone call on Sunday.
    Automatic email notification of new posts and followup comments doesn’t seem to work but we check the computer each night. We’ve been getting all your spots automatically. After your recent dry spell, “things going swimmingly” must be subconscious wishful thinking!

  3. Morgan Jones says:

    Apart from all the hard slog I’m particularly interested in the food you are eating. Have some small experience of breakfasts at Mexican restaurants in northern California, mainly because even I had a hard job reducing the large amounts of starch on the plate. Am also concerned about Nathan’s reading material. Does he realize this may have an effect on his eyesight? Mistaking poodle dog bushes for bikinis could be a painful experience. Morgan

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