Day 34 + 35 Highway 58 to Tehachapi

With a true Nero and Zero coming, we awoke luxuriously late in our tents tucked out of the wind. With trains rumbling through the night and vibrant gusts of wind we were ready for a room with four walls and a ceiling. We quickly took off to compete the road section, walking over the highway to the next water cache. Here we found a list of trail angels willing to come pick us up. After four or five calls, we got in touch with Lauren, a retired science teacher from Tehachapi. Apparently it was her birthday that day, and she was happy to give us a quick tour as we drove in. On the way we admired the giant concrete plant, run by only 12 people, and saw as it slowly ate away the mountain behind it. Coming in to town we saw the old railway station for the Union Pacific, and were dropped at the local breakfast place. After huge meals of waffles, eggs and bacon, as well as talking to the locals, we decided to head for the supermarket. Barely beginning the 1.5 mile walk, a car pulled over, and a great guy named Al drove us there. We have come to rate supermarkets now as we spend so much time in them when in towns, and this was the best one yet. Fresh fruit, including another whole pineapple for Rattles, mixed with many snicker and cliff bars were acquired. Leaving the store, within two minutes Al happened to drive by, and took us back to our hotels. Nathan grabbed the cheaper motor inn, while Rattles and I splurged on a more expensive one. This included a hot tub, pool and breakfast. Tempted not to leave the hotel, we walked the mile to the post office. Upon arriving we realized it was closed for the Memorial Day. It’s hard to keep track of days when you are on the trail. Hiking back, we lounged around, dining on Burger King and visiting the pharmacy three times for things we kept forgetting. Lounging around for the next 24 hours, the only thing we needed to do was go back to the post office. Heading there in the morning, we found that neither of our packages of gear had been delivered. Apparently UPS only ships to the Mojave post office, not to Tehachapi. Frustrated, we managed to reroute one to our hotel before we leave, the other is going to Kennedy Meadows. The afternoon was spent in the movie theatre watching summer blockbusters and eating popcorn. With our last Zero day in town for awhile, we appreciated the amenities provided and couldn’t wait to walk out of the wind tomorrow.

Miles hiked – 1.5



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