Day 36 Tehachapi to Golden Oaks Spring

A day of wind and climbing and waiting. Due to the delay in the arrival of our package, we had nothing to do but wait until it showed up. Capitalizing on the breakfast at the hotel, we filled up on food. Rattles reached new food heights, devouring four muffins, one bagel with cream cheese, a banana, yogurt, a bowl of cereal, and orange juice. After lying around, sorting our gear and appreciating running water, our package arrived at 12. Quickly getting in touch with a trail angel named Jo, we were whisked back to where we left the trail. Back into hiking mode, we wandered the first two miles along an easement by the highway. A turn north began the climb to over six thousand feet. For whatever reason, my pack, full of a week of food, was not as arduous a burden as when I left Agua Dulce. The climb was easy enough, hampered only by the very strong winds whipping in from the east. On some ridges both I and Rattles had to dig in the hiking poles and lean into the wind to keep on the trail. Finally reaching trees and shrubs up high, we got some periodic relief from the relentless gusts. The trail then proceeded to wind its way along a section of forest, merging onto a jeep road that took us past more wind turbines. This was a pleasant section, with hints of what was to come in the mountains. Rolling around some hills we came to our campsite for the day, having started so late. Here we found a multitude of hikers who also must have hiked in from the highway, including Pacman. Finding a sheltered site took some time, with a spot on a dirt road proving to be the best option. With the tent set up we dived into our sleeping bags, listening to the sounds of the wind in the trees and the rotation of turbine blades.

Miles hiked – 17.5





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