Day 39 Sunset Mine to Walker Pass Campground

A day of mountains and desert. As we awoke this morning, the wind, which had whipped the tent around all night, decided to die. Somewhat frustrated by its tendency to do the opposite of what we would prefer, we were mollified by the fact that we only had six miles of open exposed desert left. Beginning with a climb up onto the ridge top, we soon followed this along its edge. With the desert floor to our right, and mountains to our left, it made for a beautiful morning landscape. With only some short climbs, we soon cruised into the water cache next to a dirt road. Here, thirsty after the desert, Sole Catcher and I drank three liters of water each. We also met Wild Child, Miner and Moonshine, who seemed upbeat. The later two are from Tennessee, and are currently trying to find ten people from the state on the trail. Stocked up to maximum capacity with water, Rattles and I began the long climb into Sequoia National Park. As we climbed above the desert floor, we were presented with dramatic views out to the Mojave, while the mountain toward above us. Soon, trees began to appear, taking some of the brunt out of the midday sun. Upon reaching the top, we sat in the shade and admired our progress so far. Deciding to do another couple of miles, we strolled through a moderately forested landscape, replete with picturesque boulders. Lunch under a shady tree was leaving us spoiled on the trail, and we knew it couldn’t last. Three more miles and we hit a jeep road, which we followed up out of the trees. Feeling the heat, we hit the 20 mile mark for the day where we intended to camp. Cooking dinner there, both Sole Catcher and I were considering our water supply. With all the heat and climbing, we thought it more comfortable to walk to the next water source in the cool of the evening. Hoisting our packs, we set off on the next six miles, thankfully mostly downhill. One small rattlesnake and pleasant views over the valley characterized this section. Strolling into the campground we were met with amazing trail magic. Under a marquee we supped on Gatorade and sausages cooked on the BBQ. A bunch of other hikers, including Hermes and Lotus, Fun Size and Robin Hood were all making the most of this stupendous place. With a plethora of potential tent sites, we set up high on the hill, with the possibility of pancakes in the morning.

Miles hiked – 26






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2 Responses to Day 39 Sunset Mine to Walker Pass Campground

  1. Rita Teele says:

    Yahoo! A great end to a long day….
    The same happened to us but in a topsy turvy way. We were stopped on our train trip to Salzburg by flooding and slips on tracks and road. We met wonderful people, who got us to a lovely campsite (okay, hotel) and then to dinner in old Innsbruck. Wunderbar.

  2. Do you need cardboard for the inside of your shoes Sole Catcher?!?! Time for new ones!
    Caught you guys a big snapper off the coast of Coromandel yesterday. It tasted beautiful!

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