Day 44 Clover Meadow to Death Canyon Creek

A day of mountains and meadows. After the first night with our bear canisters, it took us a little longer to get packed up in the morning. Cold fingers and frustrating lids made for a challenge, especially when breakfast was locked away. Climbing out of our wonderful campsite, we hoped this day would mark the change out of the real desert. The first few miles were not encouraging. Hiking up through a gully, we were surrounded by burnt out trees. Disparing, we crested the ridge and were presented with a gorgeous meadow, with a backdrop of Sierra mountains. Filling us with enthusiasm, we climbed over the hills nearby to once again meet the Kern River. Two fisherman coming the other way espoused the success of their catch, although one should always be wary of a fisherman boasting. Having a break by the river, we watched the swallows nesting under the bridge, flying in and out of their small nests. The next miles were a long climb back into the hills, starting with scrubby meadow, and then into the shade of trees. Reaching the small trickle of Cow Creek half way up, we decided that lunch was in order. Summoning the energy to continue the climb, we hiked to the top, wandering by various hikers lying in the shade. Reaching a small ridge, pleasant views of more meadows could be seen to the west. With six more miles downhill to camp, we moved with surety down through the trees. A long walk down led to another small stream, this one red in color. Finding a nice campsite sheltered in some willows, we set up our tent after a very long day with heavy packs.

Miles hiked – 22






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