Day 45 Death Canyon Creek to Chicken Spring Lake

After yesterday’s long day, our legs were a little fatigued. A five mile climb out of the valley was not encouraging. Saddling up and putting our iPods in, we headed to the top, slow and steady. Hitting elevations above 10,000 feet, the altitude might have been getting to us slightly, but no major complaints yet. With bouldery outcrops littering the landscape, we had great sitting rocks to take breaks. From the top we had an impressive view to the east of a large dried up lake bed surrounded by mountains. Not hanging around too long, we headed back down all the elevation we had just climbed. Lunch was just above a creek, lying in the shade and talking to the multitude of hikers walking by. But we couldn’t sit there for ever, so we decided to aim for a camp spot in a saddle several miles up the hill. This proved to be a pleasant walk, strolling into a nice cleared area by a trail junction. This is where one can hike up from Lone Pine and onto the PCT, explaining the number of non-thru hikers around. Sitting on a log, we decided that if we ate our dinner now, we could carry on up the next five miles to a spot above a lake. With this done, we hoisted our lightening packs, and whisked up the trail. As we got to the lake the sun was beginning to set, making for a dramatic view. Several other hikers were camped between the rocks, and we found a nice place up above. Sole Catcher braved a swim, and we washed all the accumulated grime of our feet.

Miles hiked – 20






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One Response to Day 45 Death Canyon Creek to Chicken Spring Lake

  1. I’m glad you braved a swim Sole Catcher. You look pretty dirty to me! Hope you washed your clothes and walk down wind of Rattles and Boston Ben. Haha

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