Day 61 Sunrise Creek to Tuolumne Meadows

After our peaceful sleep under a canopy of trees, we awoke to another short hike to take us back to the trappings of the outside world. With such a popular trail, it was for the most part well groomed and easy to hike on. The initial miles provided us with a rapid wake up, climbing steeply up the side of ridge. Shaking off any last vestiges of sleepiness, we got to the top of the hill and rested briefly, surrounded by large boulders and stunted pine. All around us we could see high peaks on the edges of the mountains, and it was a beautiful sight to behold. We also started to see day hikers coming the other way, seeking to explore the immediate area. From here we began a long slow descent towards Tuolumne Meadow. Around the corner, a gorgeous meadow, a mile long, presented itself. Stopping to appreciate the view, we immediately regretted it. Within moments swarming mosquitoes, thick enough to coat any exposed skin, surrounded us. Even hiking furiously, we couldn’t evade them, gesturing widely to keep them at bay, to little avail. Both Rattles and I swallowed some, and had the pleasant experience of them crawling up our noses. Escaping the meadow, we rapidly climbed the next small hill, just to gain some respite. From here they lessened in intensity, but were waiting whenever one slowed or stopped. This made us hurry past some small lakes, which we later learned had some wonderful spots situated on large islands of rock, keeping the mosquitoes down. As we came within several miles of Tuolumne, the track became inundated with day hikers, some questioning where we were going with such big packs. The trail also widened out, allowing, at times, three people to walk abreast. As we wound our way down into the meadow, multiple small trails diverged. Visiting the local information centre, we found out that a bus would take us back to Mammoth Lakes that evening, which required us to hang around the General Store, chatting to some of the PCT thru-hikers who were stopping to resupply. It was at this point that Rattles and I, because of a combination of factors, including injury and, truth be told, boredom, decided that this was a suitable place to end our journey. Jo and Sole Catcher will continue on, and will keep updating the blog as they go. I hope those who are still reading have enjoyed exploring the trail with us over the last two months and if interested will continue to follow the adventures of the other two.

Miles hiked – 1220130630-173538.jpg20130630-173551.jpg



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5 Responses to Day 61 Sunrise Creek to Tuolumne Meadows

  1. Morgan Jones says:

    Thanks Rebecca and Ben for the thoroughly interesting blog. We’ve looked forward to each new chapter in your journey. Have a good rest in Gloucester and then take on the next challenge! As ever – Pat and Morgan

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi guys, have just loved reading your blog. Will miss it. Hope your knee is better soon, Ben. Love and hugs to you both.

  3. Lance blyde says:


    You have provided a fantastic coverage of your trip and I have looked forward to reading of your progress and viewing the photos.

    60 days of tramping is a significant feat and the reality of your situation makes your decision the right one. I wish you a quick recovery.

    I wish Jo and Sole Catcher the best and look forward to reading of their progress.

    A Kiwi spectator.

  4. SunWalker says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve had to bow out, but congrats on getting 60 days up the trail. Dad and I met you on the day north of VVR and again in Upper Yosemite Valley. Are Jo and Sole Catcher writing here or do they have their own blogs? I’d like to follow more antipodean adventures now that I’m back at my desk.
    ~SunWalker (who just happens to be Lance’s old neighbour. Small world )

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